Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ti New Report: European Distribution and Warehousing 2012

The European logistics and distribution property market is undergoing major changes, as the European Union expands and markets in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe develop.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 contains details on the significant locations of the major distribution hubs throughout the region.

It lists many of the key logistics parks which have been developed, and which are attracting the most attention.

Containing numerous maps, the report provides an essential overview of Europe's 'hottest' distribution property locations.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 is the first in a series of reports looking at the distribution warehousing market by region. Separate reports examining the market for North America, Asia and the Middle East will follow later in 2012.

It gives the most detailed view of the market by individual country to date including the Baltic countries and more CEE countries than ever before, including Turkey. This report provides essential reading for anyone involved in this ever changing market.

European Distribution and Warehousing 2012 offers a comprehensive view of the main trends affecting the European warehouse market including an up‐to‐date summary of the economic environment.

In depth analysis shows the influence manufacturers, logistics providers and property developers have in shaping the structure of the industry. The report also contains relevant information on the activities of the main property development companies and largest warehouse operators.

North America Warehousing and Distribution 2012 will be published in March.

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