Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back to reality

Made it back to ATL yesterday afternoon and am catching up on emails and projects - new and old. The trip from Singapore to Atlanta thankfully was not near as dramatic as the trip to Singapore!

Ti's Emerging Markets conference was a big success - a great turnout and lots of networking time. For those folks that do not receive Ti' e-newsletters (why not go ahead and sign up for them? they're free!!) a summary of daily happenings at the conference is also posted on the blog. 

Based on conversations I had at the conference as well as presentation/discussions, seems the buzz continues to circulate on ecommerce so I'll try to write a bit more on that - shouldn't be too difficult as it is a favorite topic of mine! There also was alot of interest on Myanmar as an up and coming location for business activities - another possible topic to write on and monitor.

Glad to be back home - busy week ahead - work on the next report, Global Express and Small Parcels, continues along. I'm very excited about this report - so much going on in this space!

 I'll be returning to Singapore week after next but will still stay plugged-in in case anyone needs anything.

P.S. If anyone from Singapore would like to meet up when I'm there, drop me a private email.

Have a great week!