Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stuck in Minneapolis

So. At 8:00 am I leave my house Friday, September 20th and head for the Atlanta airport to catch my flight to Singapore. Made it through security with flying colors and in fact made it to Minneapolis, MN on time.

Problem is that it is now Saturday, September 21st and I'm still in Minneapolis. A flight cancellation, a first for me. The first problem with the plane was some kind of sensor light for the engine that came on. Unfortunately the part was not available at the airport so instead they had a choice of flying it in from Atlanta or Chicago. Thankfully it came from Chicago - 2 hour delay as a result. The mechanic popped it into the plane, ran the necessary test and success. We all loaded the airplane at 5:00 pm. Backing out and heading down the runway, guess what? yes, left engine trouble that by this time, the Captain was a bit irritated and did not go into too much detail with all of us. Back to the gate. Unload. Vouchers for a hotel and that's the latest for now.

Now I'm curious to learn more about Delta's spare parts logistics network. I was not overly pleased they had to go to Chicago (or the possiblity of Atlanta) for the part - but then again is this typcial in the airline industry? I'll find out and report back.

So, now it looks like I will be arriving in Singapore late Sunday night or possibly early Monday morning. Still time to take a quick snooze, meet up with some folks and help the team get ready for the conference that begins on Tuesday!

Hopefully the next blog post will be from Singapore. Until then, have a great weekend!