Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update for week ending Nov. 1

Wow. It's hard to believe that today is the last day of October! Where has this year gone? I hope this month as well as the year has been good for all.

I'll be heading to Huntsville, Alabama tomorrow so I decided to go ahead and send out the weekly update today. As usual, lots going on, Express report, Logistics Monitors etc. Yes, I had said last week the Logistics Monitors would be completed by this week but I hit a bump and so they should be ready next week. Apologies!

My blog post, McKesson moves into Europe with Celesio acquisition, proved successful. Thank you all who took the time to read it. Just a fyi, Ti's Americas e-newsletter brief for today is a sort of rework on this post with FedEx's expanded relationship with Cardinal Health. Interesting things going on in this market and one that will be explored further with our Global Life Sciences Logistics report which I will begin work on later in November.

Instead of writing another new blog post, I posted an article on Ti's Emerging Markets annual survey. Please, if you have a couple of minutes, fill out the survey. I'd like to get as many responses as possible so we can get a better picture of what is going on with these countries. A white paper on the results, the index and more will be available in January and will also be sent to all survey respondents.A special thank to everyone, including C.H. Robinson, that retweeted this blog post. A HUGE thanks to Chris and his team at Eye for Transport for posting the article on the Eye for Transport website.

Back to this week's Ti briefs - some more good ones. Thomas wrote a nice piece, DSV and TNT report contrasting results in tough markets and for our APAC e-newsletter I wrote Shenzhen to surpass Hong Kong as third largest container port.

And finally, I was privileged to write an article for Air Cargo World and it is now available to read - Global airfreight market sees sluggish growth begin in 2013. Thank you for this great opportunity!

Yesterday, I was asked by CIO Review to contribute an article for their special issue on technology in logistics. So, look for that article the end of November/early December.

That's about it from here. Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!

Happy Halloween!