Friday, November 15, 2013

Update for week ending Nov. 15

Happy Friday to all!

I meant to send out this week's update a bit earlier today but time kind of slipped past me. Lots going on.

 We've had alot of consulting projects this year - which is great!  As such, the Global Express and Small Parcel report has been put on temporary hold while I jump in and help out with some new ones that have popped up. I'm also working on our Emerging Markets white paper that Agility sponsors each year. This is my first year in doing this paper and I'm really excited about it. The paper will be published in January and will be free to download. Details will follow as we get closer.

Two of the briefs I wrote for Ti's global and America's e-newsletters are posted on the blog. My original brief concerning the tragedy in the Philippines was shortened a bit for the e-newsletter so I decided to post the entire article on the blog for your reading pleasure. Also, a bit of a mix up as when my YRC article was first published in the Ti America's e-newsletter, the first paragraph was accidently cut off. That has since been corrected but I decided to leave it on the blog because I think there's alot of interest in YRC here in the US. They have been a fascinating company to watch. Lastly, for our APAC e-newsletter, I wrote a brief on China's "Single Day" ecommerce phenomena and how some of the express providers prepared. If interested in reading it, it is available here.

A special thank you to Eye for Transport for posting the YRC article on their website also many thanks to The Loadstar for posting both the Philippines and YRC articles on their website. These are two great websites (with great people) that has lots of good information on the industry - check them out.

Next week I'm starting something new. In addition to the briefs for the Americas and APAC e-newsletters, I will be writing on the Middle East/Africa region. This is a great way for me to not only learn more about this growing region but also to share what I find out. These briefs will appear in our Tuesday Global e-newsletter. Interested? sign up for our e-newsletters. They are free! Just visit our website to sign up.

For next week, I'm not sure what topics I'll be writing on for either the e-newsletters or for the blog, so any suggestions are certainly welcomed!!

Heading over to Alabama for the weekend where we will be cheering on my beloved University of South Carolina who will be taking on the Florida Gators in college football. It should be a great game.

Enjoy the weekend and thank you always for your emails and taking time to read the blog!!!