Friday, November 8, 2013

Update for week ending November 8

Hey from a chilly Atlanta!

What a week! So much going on and it feels like I got nothing accomplished!! However, I know there has indeed been some accomplishments. I spent a good bit of the week still working on the report and logistics monitors.

I also chatted with several logistics folks in Asia Pacific, Mexico and here in the US - lots of excitement in the air as they plan for 2014.

If you didn't notice, the blog post of the week was on ISM's monthly PMI. I have to admit because of the government shutdown, I was slightly surprised that manufacturing expanded in October, although it was slight, it was still growth. That was great to see.

For Ti's APAC e-newsletter, I wrote a piece looking at Singapore Post's recent quarterly earnings. They are still reporting excellent growth as they move more and more into ecommerce logistics but at the same time their expenses are greater than their growth. A bit concerning but SingPost commented it was due to the investments they are making to their evolving business model.

For Ti's Americas e-newsletter, I looked at Expeditors International of Washington's recent quarterly earnings. I've always found this company fascinating and it was good to see the growth in net revenue. They were able to grow volumes in both air and ocean but what I found interesting was the fact that they opted to maintain and in some cases take market share in some lanes for ocean freight. As a result of that strategy, ocean freight revenue minus expenses ended up at a 1% decline for the quarter. Perhaps this will pay off financially for the company during fourth quarter.

Next week Ti will publish its European Road Freight report. Be sure to check the Ti website for more details and if you're interested in learning more, just email me.

I'm not sure what I will be writing on for the Americas or APAC e-newsletters yet but I do know I will be writing on the horrific typhoon that hit the Philippines for the Tuesday e-newsletter.

So, with that, I hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for taking time to read my blog!!