Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update on EFT TruckIT Summit and ATL weather

I was really looking forward to participating at Eye for Transport's TruckIT Summit in Atlanta.  As most know, the weather has been an issue - mix of snow, sleet and rain - however, where I live, the temperature remained above freezing so I thought, no problem I can make it.

Well, a nagging pipe under my kitchen sink had other ideas and as a result I had to stay home, clean out the cabinet under the sink, mop the floor and wait for a plumber to arrive and wave his magic wand to fix it. However, it seems plumbers are a premium today as I'm still waiting, nervously checking the pipe and making sure the fan does it job to try to dry out the wet cabinet.

So, my sincerest apologies to EFT for missing the conference. I'm sure it was success as all of their conferences usually are.

Tonight we face another round of snow, ice and rain with accumulation expected tomorrow. Power outages and downed trees are anticipated. I hope the plumber stays home tomorrow - I rather he remain safe instead of stuck somewhere.

Our current weather situation brings to mind a good article recently written by my friend Bill Cassidy at The Journal of Commerce - Winter's Fierce Bite to Cost Economy More than $3 Billion - check it out.

After our last bout of inclement weather, Georgia's governor has asked trucks to stay away from the Atlanta area - a bit difficult to do as Atlanta is a major transportation hub - already trucks are not allowed to go through Atlanta but rather use I-285 and are required to carry chains.

The State of Georgia and the City of Atlanta learned a valuable lesson from last time and I'm sure they are as prepared as much as they can for this storm.

Scenes from the last weather bout....

So, to all my friends affected by the latest winter storm, stay safe and warm.