Friday, May 23, 2014

Finally, the return of the blog post

It's the beginning of a long holiday weekend here but work continues - putting the finishing touches on a white paper and one more round of revisions for the express and small parcel report. It looks like this report may finally be published next week - fingers crossed!

Great news, I did get a blog post completed and posted on the blog and yes, it is on Procter & Gamble and is available hereI'm working on another post at the moment and hope to have that posted within the next day or so.

Next week preparations for the Ti conference will be underway - I'll be participating on three sessions - perishables, healthcare and e-commerce logistics - so I'll be working on presentations for each.  

Besides the presentations, I also hope to have a column completed for eft. Stay tune....

So, with that, enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!