Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update for week ending Dec. 20

Wow. It's hard to believe next week is Christmas! I'm looking forward to spending time with the family. Just a fyi, the Ti office will be closed next week through the end of the year but we will start back up on Jan. 2 with our newsletters - look for our top 10 articles of 2013.

Speaking of top ten articles, Eye for Transport just released their top 10 and I'm happy to say two of them are Ti articles (#3 and #9)! So, thank you very much! To read the article, please click here.

Before I go any further, Home Depot noted an error in the article I wrote concerning their supply chain investments. My apologies. I've made the changes - they are working on same day shipping not same day delivery which they already do for some customers. This brings up an important topic - Please, please, if I make a goof like this, let me know. I really appreciated Home Depot letting me know.

Moving on...I had a nice email exchange with Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing for Cerasis and as a result, Cerasis will occassionally use some of my blog posts for their blog. In fact, they've already got one up. Check it out here. Thank you!

For this week, I did my usual three briefs for Ti, one concerning Kenya, the Home Depot and for the APAC e-newsletter, I did a brief on the growing number of investments in the Chinese warehousing market.

For the blog, I wrote on FedEx recent quarterly earnings. 3% revenue growth doesn't seem much but when you look at their profit and gross margins it starts to look really nice.

Next week there will not be any Ti briefs and maybe not even a blog post (except a weekly update) - I haven't decided yet. I will be working on a couple of projects, one of which I'll share this weekend on the blog, LinkedIn and Twitter. I'll need your help with that one - I'll be running a survey on same day delivery and the results will be available in a white paper later in January - I'll need your help to spread the word and take the survey please. All survey respondents will receive a copy of the white paper as a thank you.

Also, as part of the paper, I will be profiling same-day delivery companies. If you know of any that should be included please email me. Also, if you are one and would like to chat/be included, please let me know.

That's about it from here. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for taking time to read the blog!