Thursday, June 12, 2014


I just reread my post from last week and it really sounded frazzled! Well, last week was quite busy but very fun. The conference was a success and it was wonderful meeting so many new people. Check out my blog post on the conference here.

With that being said, the trip to Dubai and back was a bit nerve-wracking - scheduled for 14 hours (each way), it actually turned into 15 hours (each way!!) as the airline discovered there was a bag on board without an owner and then on the way home, IT delays resulted in delays in take-off. But such as the case with travel - you just never know! But I love it all - despite feeling like a cow on a cattle car!

So, next we'll be heading to Singapore in October. I'm already at work on the program. Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed!

This week I'm a bit at a loss as I'm in between reports. While I'm waiting for the green light to begin work on the next report, I'm working on the monthly Stifel Logistics Confidence Index, pondering the next EFT column and a couple of other articles.

The team at the head office is finishing up on the Contract Logistics report which will be published this month as well as our annual financial analysis report. Look for more info on each soon.

Have a great weekend and week ahead! I'm packing up here in Alabama and moving the hubby home. Yay!

Thanks again,