Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's up? P3 Looses and FedEx Wins

It's a hot, sticky Saturday here in Atlanta. Lots of chores on my to do list this weekend including planting some flowers that I've been planning to do for quite some time (if I can stand the humidity!).

As noted in the early week update post, a new page was created to the blog site. I hope to do web-chats with start-up logistics companies - there's alot the logistics community can learn from these companies. Like I've said in the past, a new mindset is needed for this changing economy and I believe these start-up companies are leading the way. I've sent a couple of invites but in the meantime if you know of an interesting company, let me know.

Another plan for the page is to add white papers so the first one I did for Transport Intelligence is posted there - Middle East e-Commerce Logistics Overview. I'm at work on a second one and plans are being laid out for a third one.

This past week saw the P3 Alliance fall through. Thomas Cullen wrote a good brief on this topic and is available on the Ti website. Look for continued capacity and rate problems. Possibilities of consolidation more likely now in my opinion.

Also, FedEx announced their earnings. Folks have been asking me if I was surprised by their earnings. Nope, not overall. However, I think the only thing I was surprised with was the growth rate in Ground volumes. Wow. A blog post was written on FedEx's earnings and is available here. I also chatted with the folks from The Loadstar about FedEx and their writeup is available here.
How will UPS respond? Its quarterly earnings report is scheduled for July 29.

So, what about Ti reports? Yep. We have several in the lineup with the first coming out next week. Sign up for our email newsletter service to be among the first to be notified. Details on our website (link on the side of this page).

Time for more coffee and with that, enjoy the weekend and the week ahead!