Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekly Update and Musings on the Middle East

Oh dear. Lots of catching up has been scheduled for this upcoming weekend. Our weather has been like a roller-coaster and as a result has turned my head into mush. This week alone, we have experienced beautiful, warm sunny skies one day and then the next day snow and sleet. As a result, it has been a struggle just to get the briefs for the Americas/APAC Ti newsletters written!

The Ti team is putting the finishing touches to the Middle East/North Africa Logistics report - publication is close! There is lots of interest in this region. It has always been regarded as a major transshipment location between Europe and Asia. But, regional trade with the likes of Africa is on the rise as well as a growing domestic market. Many logistics providers are located in the region. In fact, I noticed today an interesting article from Air Cargo World, "UPS Plans for Middle East Growth" in which the company has expanded its facility in Dubai's Jebel Ali Free Zone to 159,000 sq. ft. and includes an area for temperature-controlled goods such as pharmaceuticals. Other perishables and oil and gas are additional industries the company is looking towards for opportunities.

 Besides our upcoming report on the region, we at Ti are also particularly interested in the Middle East and North Africa. This week we announced our next Emerging Markets conference will be in Dubai later this Spring. The conference website is now up and I believe some free passes are available. Also, we're always looking for great speakers. Check the site out here. A tentative program is also posted on the website. If you haven't seen our CEO or Head of Consulting speak, you're in for a treat - both are excellent presenters and so knowledgeable. I plan to be at the conference as well and look forward to chatting with everyone. 

This is an infographic our very creative team came up with to highlight some of the topics that will be discussed at the conference.

For the weekend and week ahead, I plan to crank out alot of work on the two reports as well as for the next blog post for Innovation Enterprise's high-tech supply chain conference coming up soon. I also need to start pondering my next column for Eye For Transport. 

Oh dear indeed!

And with that, have a great weekend and week ahead. Thank you very much for taking the time to read the blog. Please, feel free to contact me via email if you ever have any questions or comments.  Also, if you'd like to "LinkedIn" please send me a request, I enjoy meeting folks this way as well.

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Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone to 159,000 square feet - See more at:
Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone to 159,000 square feet - See more at:

Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone to 159,000 square feet - See more at: