Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Update for week ending February 21

My, what a difference a week makes! Last week was snow and ice and this week it is shorts and t-shirt weather - I'm loving it!

I'm still working on the two reports - Healthcare Logistics and Express/Small Parcel - both are on track to be published in April. Also, two briefs were completed, one was posted here on the blog: Mexico Tries to Open its Rail Industry to Competition. Rail is dominated by two rail companies, one of which is a US-based company. Each paid millions of dollars for rights to operate in Mexico. At the same time, the rail industry needs to be opened further according to the Mexican government citing the need for lower rates and improvements in infrastructure. A tough situation for sure and questions surrounding government interference is on the increase - not looking good for a country that is trying prove to the world that it is a manufacturing powerhouse.

Thanks to EFT for picking up on the rail brief. Also thanks for all the retweets it received.

Speaking of EFT, my first column for them appeared this week, be sure to check it out: The Changing Business Environment - Are Traditional Logistics Providers Ready?

What's on my plate for the coming week? the two reports remain my top priority plus I will be working towards getting another high-tech logistics blog post up for Innovation Enterprises' supply chain conference coming up in April. Look for that in the next few days or so.

Apologies, no musings this week. They will return next week.

Before I end, I posted last week's blog post on the UPS acquisition and the weekly update (yes, the leaky pipes are now repaired, thank you kind plumber!!) as well as the link to the EFT column on LinkedIn. I must say, I am honored by the number of responses for each. Thank you so much.

I work remotely - I'm a few thousand miles from the office - so, communication/feedback is extra important to me. As such, social media has provided much of that for me and again, I thank you.

One more thing, in case you're wondering why I say "thank you" so much is the fact that it is important to me to let folks know I really appreciate them taking the time to read my articles, blog posts etc. So, if possible, start spreading some "thank you" to those that deserve it.

With that, have a wonderful week and week ahead!

Thanks for reading the blog,


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